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Fidelity allows digital asset trading for retail

News continues to arrive about large institutional investors entering the cryptocurrency field. Fidelity Investments has opened access for general investors to purchase Bitcoin and Ether without hindrance.

Fidelity is an established American financial company founded in 1946. The company emphasizes asset management and asset custody and is one of the largest entities in the world in this field.

Fidelity has been a pioneer among American financial institutions regarding integrating cryptocurrencies into its operations. The company has offered custody and trading for Bitcoin and Ether to professional investors and has now also opened up this opportunity to the general public.

Investors' access to cryptocurrencies is continually increasing. Fidelity contributes to this by offering its 40 million customers access to this growing asset class in an affordable and straightforward way.

In addition, Fidelity was the first company to offer people the chance to invest in Bitcoin for their retirement savings by opening up Bitcoin purchases in the 401k retirement savings system.

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Daði KristjánssonManaging Director - Founding Partner