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Financial institutions in the cryptocurrency sector

Bitwise is an American asset management company that focuses on cryptocurrencies. The company recently published an interesting report that displays statistics and facts about the cryptocurrency sector.

Traditional financial institutions are increasingly emphasizing the cryptocurrency sector in their operations, and the report includes an interesting table of the services that companies have started offering to their clients.

Participation of financial institutions in the cryptocurrency sector (Source: Bitwise)

The table features many of the world’s best-known financial institutions, and it is noteworthy that most of them have already begun offering trading and custody of cryptocurrencies. Many signs indicate that this development is just beginning. Viska believes that the companies in the table will further expand their services in this area and that financial companies that have not yet taken this step will enter the sector in the coming months. With increased access, one can foresee an increased inflow as a result.

The Bitwise report can be found here.

Guðlaugur Steinarr GíslasonCIO - Founding Partner